Donate Tweets

Want to do your bit and help South Yemen by donating tweets to help address the media black out on Twitter? 

This new application is tailored to try and get the southern message out on twitter. 
All you do is subscribe to allow it to tweet from your account.

The purpose is to reach people from the wider gobal community online. The first place people check for information on Yemen is on the following hashtags:

#Yemen or #اليمن

Especially non Yemenis and the media.

If you check the live feeds of these hashtags you will see they are always active. We want a slot of our own for the south. This is one of the very effective ways we can utilize Twitter.

If we get 2000 subscribers we can have a tweet every 30 seconds 24 hours a day with the above hashtags. If we get more subscribers we can have more slots.

If we get that many subscribers, we think we would only need to tweet 2 tweets a day from each subscribers account.

The messages we put out will be attractive and simple and a guide to further information. No controversial messages.

Twitter does not give us your password,  just a token associated with your anchor so we have permission to tweet from your account. 

Here is you chance to play your part as part of a collective team to help South Yemen.

Our application is in accordance with the laws and Terms of Service of Twitter. We commit ourselves to the terms and conditions. We commit ourselves to the conditions and laws. We do not sell any data or follow-up action or Retweet from our subscribers accounts.
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