Bulletin South Yemen Counter Terrorism issue 3

5th October 2016 

Two IEDs found planted near the judicial complex in Al-Houta, Lahj were dismantled by southern security forces. 

4th October 2016

IED planted on the road near Al-Ayn, Abyan exploded without causing casualties while two other IEDs were discovered nearby

3rd October 2016

CounterTerrorism Security forces raided an apartment in Mansoora,  Aden seizing a supply of remote IED detonators. 

02nd October 2016

IED found planted on the roadside in Al-Mahfad district Abyan dismantled by southern security forces. 

AQAP leader in Lahj Afif Yahya Saeed Al-Hadhrami 'Abu Turab' turned himself into Southern security chief Brig Gen Adel Al-Halmi. 

01st October 2016

Hadramout Elite Forces supported by Arab Coalition control detonate Sea Mines planted by AQAP

29th September 2016 

Aden police counter-terrorism unit raided the home of an ISIS leader Radwan Qinan seizing large quantities of explosives including M112 C4 charges

28th September 2016 

QAP leader in Yafa and Radfan Lahj Taher Tamah turned himself into southern strike force commander Munir Abu Yamamah and brought to Aden.

27th September 2016

AQAP leader and two others killed by security forces in Abyan Southern Yemen. 

These arrests came after an AQAP-claimed attack that killed a security belt soldier in Zinjibar, Abyan earlier on Friday

26th September 2016

Southern security forces raided a home in Al-Wadea district Abyan arresting suspected #AQAP militant Abu Osama Al-Yasiri. 

Southern security forces conducted raids in Abyan killing AQAP leader Abdullah Saeed Habibat in Al-Qa village of Lawdar district.

25th September 2016

Southern forces make successive gains in Kirsh border front taking sites in Al-Huwaymi and near Al-Shurayjah while advancing west. 

24th September 2016

IED found planted on the side of the road next to the courthouse in Zinjibar, Abyan dismantled by security forces.

Southern security forces raid AQAP strongholds in Abyan

Security belt forces arrested three men suspected of links to AQAP during raids in Zinjibar, Abyan last night. 
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