Message from Ahmed Omar Bin Fareed

The Southern Movement (Hirak) is the voice of southerners everywhere working, fighting to revive an Independent South Yemen so our people can live in peace and dignity. I, like many of you, for many years have campaigned for our cause. Today we want to try and harness some of our energy and make it effective to reach the global community. 

My dear southern brothers and sisters, we want to try to make the online southern voice reach passed our own circles and reach the wider world.

Since the start of the Southern Movement in 2007, the government in Sana'a Yemen made sure that the southern issue and southerners were sidelined and their voices silenced by stifling press freedom and using cruel methods to crack down on protesters and activists. 
They tried all methods and failed because the will of the people is more powerful than any government repression.

Our online presence is strong and to be commended.  We are communicating (sharing the latest news and thoughts) and reaching counterparts in the Gulf, and we do a great job sharing information among ourselves and our followers who share the same interest of a free and independence South Yemen. But we need to do more to reach the English speaking world who do not have much information about the marginalization and suppression people of South Yemen have suffered under the forced Yemen Unity for the past two decades.Through and the media platforms linked to it,  we hope to try and add value to your efforts and widen the awareness of our cause. So please follow and support activity through all media platforms including Twitter,  Facebook, Vine.. 

Keep up the great work. Thank you
Ahmed Omar Bin Fareed

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