Bulletin South Yemen Counter Terrorism issue 7

9th January 

Aden security forces raided a home in Mansoura district seizing explosives and detonators. 

5th January

The battle in Shuqrah,  Abyan, the Southern resistance kills 15 AQ.

Aden security forces seized explosives, IED components, and Yemen ISIS documents from two suspects coming from Albayda

25th December

Southern security forces detain two after finding materials used to prepare suicide belts in Zijabar, Abyan. Intended target was 115 brigade.

24th December

Aden Counter Terrorism Forces raided a shop in Abdulaziz area of Mansoura arresting 3 possessing and manufacturing suppressed pistols.

22nd December

Counter Terrorism task forces accomplish successful security measures over the past week by taking down a terrorist cell in Mukalla.

20th December

Aden Security Forces capture a wanted terrorist in Al-Mimdara. Suicide belt found in his possession.

17th December

Aden counter-terrorism unit capture a Aqap cell with huge quantities of C4 explosives

16th December

Southern security forces in Abyan disarm a road side explosive

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