About the Southern Movement (Al-Hirak)


The Southern Movement known as Al-Hirak was established in 2007 demanding secession of South Yemen from The Republic of Yemen. Our goal is liberation and independence.


In 1994 the government of Yemen occupied the former state of South Yemen and implemented unity by force. The Yemeni government enforced a brutal campaign of repression on the people of South Yemen, and plundered their land and resources which led to irreversible demands for independence by the southern people.

The Southern Movement's vision is to liberate southern land from the occupying north Yemeni military forces and transform the calls of the southern people of Yemen for a free an independent southern state into meaningful action. 
This will be achieved by peaceful dialogue with all relevant stakeholders, reaching an agreement to revive the independent South Yemen (South Arabia) state on its original borders prior to 1990. These are put into action by exercising the people's right of self-determination through a referendum with a choice for independence by way of agreed secession.

Southern Movement (Hirak) Leaders and Representatives 

There are many leaders and representatives of the Southern Movement, all who can carry the simple message of South Yemen's struggle for independence. Below is a growing list of confirmed contactable Movement leaders and representatives in and out of South Yemen who have the authority to speak on behalf of southerners. 

Southern Movement Leaders

The overall governing body for the Southern Movement

Ali Salem Al-Beidh, Former President of South Yemen and Former General Secretary of the Yemeni Socialist Party. 

Abd Al-Rahman Ali Al-Jifi, Former Vice President of the Presidency Council of PDRY, and current leader of the Free South Arabia Party.

Haidar Abu Bakr Al-Attas,  Former Prime Minister of Yemen and the Socialist Party. Current Advisor to Yemen President.

Former President of the RAY political party, writer and political activist.

Saleh Yahya Saeed, President of the High Council for The Southern Movement

Salah Al-Shinfrah, Vice President of High Council for Southern Movement

Hoda Alattas, Writer, Political Activist


Military Leaders 

Current Governor of Aden, South Yemen

current Security Director of Aden, South Yemen

Gen. Faraj Salmeen AlBahassani, Fromer South Yemen Army Commander, Current Commander of the 2nd Military Division Hadhramout Governorate

Former South Yemen Army Commander, 

Current Security Director of Lahj Governorate.


Southern Movement Media Representatives

All movement Leaders and media representatives are contactable here.

Who are we working with?

We are working with many organisations and people. All organisations are helping the Southern Movement build a global campaign. There are many other groups attached to the Southern Movement working on this issue and we will do all we can to help coordinate efforts and empower people locally.

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