Counter Terrorism

12th December

Aden police Counter Terrorism Unit dismantled explosives found packed in a car in Mualla after being alerted by citizens.

9th December

Hadrami Elite forces dismantled an IED in Fuwa west of Mukalla, Hadramout found planted at May 22 roundabout near Al-Minassa square.

5th December

Aden Counter Terrorism Forces captured 8 members of an ISIS assassination cell in possession of handguns with suppressors

Hadramout elite forces carryout sting operation capturing 6 terrorists & seizing 5 tons of explosives

Hadrami Elite forces clashed with and arrested several AQAP militants during a raid of a home used for IEDs in Al-Shihr Hadramout. 

Lahj security forces carried out a raid in Al-Houta arresting several militants; an ambush following the raid killed a soldier. 

1st December

Aden Counter Terrorism Unit seize stockpiles of explosives including C4, used by #Yemen fanatics to assemble VBIED targeting South Yemen 

30th November

US drone strike targeted a vehicle in Al-Abr district Hadramout killing three AQAP militants including leadership. #Yemen

29th November

Aden Police Counter-Terrorism Unit raided a farm in the Lahj / Aden border area seizing a cache of explosives. 

25th November 2015

After recieving citizen reports, Aden Security Forces arrest six terrorists who attempted to assassinate a lawyer in Mansoura, Aden.

23rd November

Southern Yemeni security forces arrested AQAP militants in counterterrorism operations in Hadramawt governorate. Security forces arrested 11 AQAP militants following clashes in Ghayl Bawazir district. Ghayl Bawazir district is less than 50 km northeast of a former AQAP stronghold, al Mukalla city. The security forces tracked the AQAP militants who attacked a security checkpoint in Ras Huwayrah area, 100 km northwest of Ghayl Bawazir district, the previous day. 

Security belt forces raided a home in Jaar Town, Abyan used by AQAP arresting two militants and seizing large amounts of weapons and explosives.  

22nd November

Shabwa Governor Ahmed Lamlas and Security Chief Awad Al-Dahboul launch security plan to end deadly banditry on vital Al-Abr highway.  

19th November

Security belt forces carried out raids in Lawdar City, Abyan arresting suspected AQAP militants after an IED killed 2 soldiers.

17th November

Security belt forces carried out raids in Halma village north of Jaar Town, Abyan arresting two suspected AQAP militants. 

13th November

Security belt forces carried out raids in Al-Sayla area of Sheikh Othman, Aden clashing with wanted gunmen and making arrests. 

Security belt forces seized weapons, explosives, and cash from a minibus at a checkpoint on 90 Street in Mansoura, Aden.

12th November

Security belt forces arrested 7 suspected AQAP militants during raids in Zinjibar & Jaar, Abyan after 4 soldiers wounded in attack.

9th November

30 AQAP terrorists killed in a sting operation in Al-Mukalla, Hadramout

8th November

In a successful sting operation, Security forces capture 4 AQAP terrorists in the broome district near Al-Mukalla in Hadramout province.

3rd November 2016

Truck packed with explosives headed for 2nd Military Region Head Quarters in Mukalla was fired on by Hadrami Elite troops preventing casualties, except, of course, for the suicide bomber.

30th October 

Security belt forces conducted raids in Al-Mansoora Aden & arrested a group of suspected militants and seize large amounts of explosives.

26th October

IED planted on the side of the road near a checkpoint in Shoqra town on the coast of Abyan was dismantled by security belt forces.

23rd October

Security belt forces conducted raids in Omar Al-Mukhtar neighborhood of Sheikh Othman Aden & arrested a group of suspected militants 

19th October

Us Drone Attack Kills eight AQAP militants in Shabwa

18th October

Warplanes targeted suspected AQAP militants in the mountains near Azzan, Shabwa after militants attacked a checkpoint. 6 terrorists killed

16th October

Southern security forces dismantled an IED found in Yafa region near a market in Al-Had district, Lahj, this afternoon.

6th October

Mukalla's Southern Security Forces disarm deadly C4 explosive weighing 1.5kg.

US drone strike targeted a vehicle carrying suspected AQAP militants in Watah area of Shabwa on the road leading to Nisab district. 2 terrorists killed

5th October

The militants attacked the checkpoint at the Al-Hawta/Azzan junction to the west of Azzan, Shabwa. Three AQAP militants reportedly killed.

Two IEDs found planted near the judicial complex in Al-Houta, Lahj were dismantled by southern security forces. 

4th October 2016

IED planted on the road near Al-Ayn, Abyan exploded without causing casualties while two other IEDs were discovered nearby

3rd October 2016

CounterTerrorism Security forces raided an apartment in Mansoora,  Aden seizing a supply of remote IED detonators. 

02nd October 2016

IED found planted on the roadside in Al-Mahfad district Abyan dismantled by southern security forces. 

AQAP leader in Lahj Afif Yahya Saeed Al-Hadhrami 'Abu Turab' turned himself into Southern security chief Brig Gen Adel Al-Halmi. 

01st October 2016

Hadramout Elite Forces supported by Arab Coalition control detonate Sea Mines planted by AQAP

29th September 2016 

Aden police counter-terrorism unit raided the home of an ISIS leader Radwan Qinan seizing large quantities of explosives including M112 C4 charges

28th September 2016 

QAP leader in Yafa and Radfan Lahj Taher Tamah turned himself into southern strike force commander Munir Abu Yamamah and brought to Aden.

27th September 2016

AQAP leader and two others killed by security forces in Abyan Southern Yemen. 

These arrests came after an AQAP-claimed attack that killed a security belt soldier in Zinjibar, Abyan earlier on Friday

26th September 2016

Southern security forces raided a home in Al-Wadea district Abyan arresting suspected #AQAP militant Abu Osama Al-Yasiri. 

Southern security forces conducted raids in Abyan killing AQAP leader Abdullah Saeed Habibat in Al-Qa village of Lawdar district.

25th September 2016

Southern forces make successive gains in Kirsh border front taking sites in Al-Huwaymi and near Al-Shurayjah while advancing west. 

24th September 2016

IED found planted on the side of the road next to the courthouse in Zinjibar, Abyan dismantled by security forces.

Southern security forces raid AQAP strongholds in Abyan

Security belt forces arrested three men suspected of links to AQAP during raids in Zinjibar, Abyan last night. 

22nd September 2016 

Al Qaeda leader killed in US drone strike. Abdallah al-Sanaani, a regional commander in Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), was killed along with his bodyguard while travelling in a vehicle in the al-Sawma'a district of Abyan province.

19th September 2016

AQAP leader Abu Al-Mihdhar and 3 of his guards turned themselves into southern security forces in Lahj

Aden security forces dismantle an IED in Al-Memdara found planted at a gas station where soldiers from a nearby checkpoint gather.

15th September 2016

Aden security forces dismantled an IED found on the side of a road in Bureiqa.

14th September 2016

Southern security forces dismantled an IED found at the Jaar town Abyan qat market made from an RPG shell.

9th September 2016

Aden security forces seized a car bomb and arrested the driver in Sheikh Othman district.  The driver was planning to detonate the car bomb in a crowded area on the first day of Eid Al-Adha.

Security forces in Aden capture 3 terrorists with tankshells, mines&explosives

8th September 2016

IED dismantled by Aden security forces after being reported by residents of Enma City neighborhood. Several IEDs were found in Al-Mahfad Abyan yesterday which appear to use a similar encasing material. 

Security belt forces raided ISIS den in Rayshan Yafa arresting two militants & seizing explosives warehouse. Security forces clashed with militants during the raid in Wadi Rayshan on the border between Yafa and Bayda; four soldiers were wounded.

7th September

Several IEDs were found in Al-Mahfad Abyan

6th September 2016

Southern Security belt forces deployed to the border between #Yafa and #Bayda led by Commander Nabil Al-Mashmoshi.

4th September 2016

Southern security forces capture 3 from Al Qaeda. One of which is the driver of local AQAP leader. 

3rd September 2016

One of the major #AQAP funders was arrested by southern security forces in Aden.

2nd September

Aden and Lahj security forces arrested a suspected senior #AQAP militant that had fled Aden to Al-Houta. 

Aden security CTU captures the Al-Qaeda Amir for Tawahi, Mualla, and Qaloah districts. 

Southern security forces capture #ISIS lead for recruiting  Aden 

1st September

After withdrawing from Al-Mahfad, Abyan two days ago following attacks, southern forces prepare to return and root out the militants.

25th August 2016

Southern resistance forces deployed throughout Shabwa's capital Ataq as part of General Al-Nuba's security plan. 

Southern security forces head toward Al-Mahfad, Abyan as an operation to clear the province's last AQAP stronghold. 

AQAP channels report 'martyrdom' of Khattab al-Awlaqi (Adham al-Daghari) & 4 fellow jihadists in drone strike in Shabwa 

24th August 2016

Aden security belt forces arrested suspected militant Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Ghafori in Sheikh Othman district. #Yemen

Southern security forces arrested 3 suspected AQAP militants during raids in #Aden and Lahj. 

US drone strike targets vehicle carrying suspected AQAP militants west of Shabwa capital Ataq killing 3.

23rd August 2016

Lahj security forces conducted raids in Al-Houta arresting a wanted #AQAP militant as they continue tracking those that fled Abyan

Police forces in Khormaksar, Aden dismantled an IED found planted on an electricity pole. 

22nd August 2016

1st military region forces captured six terrorist cell members suspected in a string of assassinations in Al-Qatn district in Hadramout .

Security operation to clear #Shabwa of AQAP militants to begin in weeks by a coalition-trained southern force mostly from Shabwa.

Lahj security belt forces arrested two AQAP-linked militants while a third turned himself in to authorities. 

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