Summary in english of political statement issued by the Council of the Southern Hirak

Summary of political statement issued by the Supreme Council of the Revolutionary Hirak (Movement) for the Liberation and independence of the south

The Council warns southerners of suspicious plots and attempts by some political forces of the Yemeni occupation regime. Using southern elements to infiltrate the ranks and claiming to represent the Southern Hirak.

Efforts are being made to raise the south inherent and struggle for freedom and independence at  Kuwait talks by communicating with regional and international parties. These efforts will act in accordance with the United Nations

The Kuwait Talks on April 18 constitutes a new historic turning point of the struggle of our people. We encourage southerners to show how impelling our cause is, and to articulate this on more than one level. We hope masses of southerners will stack rows and turn out in crowds on 17 and April 18 to express the will of the people of the south by refusing what is going on by these forces and elements. We want the countries of the region and the world to find it difficult to bypass and ignore their rights and southern cause.  That is freedom and independence. Also the absence of political and military representatives from the south for the south. The valiant Southern Resistance and the Council of the Hirak at his side supporting all the masses of people in the south, we will all stand up for the Liberation of independence for the south and in the following:

1.     The Council calls on all people in the south of all groups and social classes and political components to join the protest on the afternoon of April 17 and 18 in freedom Square, Independence Square

2.     The occasion will be of symbolic importance particularly with a view to send a clear and resolute message to the region and the world. In order to show southerners cause is just and legitimate,  a preliminary committee will be established of all parts, representatives of civil society organizations and social groups to in order to ensure the new committee reflects the width and depth of the south.  about their just cause and legitimate.

3.     Accept the Council of the Southern Hirak as the main body and representative of  the people of the South in order to be in an unchallengeable position according to the UN Charter. The strategic goal is liberation, independence and the restoration of an independent state with sovereignty over the whole land of south internationally recognized before May 22 1990.

4.     The root cause of the Yemeni Crisis is not issue of power in Sanaa but straightening out the issue of the people in the south  and ensuring they are resolved. This would mean a just and equitable solution according the will of southerners expressed in demonstations  with more than 15 million man marches and what was expressed on the battlefronts by the Southern Resistance to ensure security and stability in the whole region.

5.     The Council of the Southern Hirak confirms that the elements that impersonating the representation of the movement and the people of the south, and benefit on its account and his future. They are a smokescreen they don’t represent the Hirak  nor the people of the south.  They have no right to exploit the current situation and conditions.

6.     The heads of the Council of the Southern Hirak has made numerous efforts with brothers and friends over the years to change attitudes toward the southern issue. This includes political impact on south upto now. We shared our thoughts and pured our hearts to them and we will continue on this trend. Doing this in the hope our brothers value us and our friendship serves the interests of our people and the nations and peoples of these countries.

7.     That talks do not go on in Kuwait, without the inclusion of the just and legitimate issue of the people in the south. Stakeholders have built special relations and solid ties within the south. Southerns have provided a lot of assistance in many areas, and the absence of representatives rightful southern Hirak and resistance. Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are aware that including the people of the south in these talks will help deal with the underlying root cause of the Yemen Crisis. The Gulf initiative and its mechanism and Conferences in Sanaa and Riyadh,  meetings Geneva 1 and 2 all failed.  Kuwait next, God willing, efforts will be made to show the issue of the people in the south hungering for freedom and independence is found to be categorically evident this is the root of the crisis and the problem.

8.     The Council affirms its total rejection of the results that will come out of the Kuwait talks  by any political forces and Yemeni elements affiliated to it from the south, which ignores the issue of the people in the south and try to jump on them, and they alone bear the moral and historical responsibility.

9.     The Council calls on all components of the southern Hirak to a historic meeting to discuss path of reaching a single political aim and backing its goal of freedom and independence .

10.  Council reemphases its support for the Decisive Storm and Return of Hope, and emphasizes the importance of completing the campaigns, duties and support of the resistance in the south and the construction of military, security and civil institutions and complete the liberation of the rest of the provinces and regions of the South, which is still under the occupation of the Yemeni Coup forces

11.  Council confirms that the people of the south, its Hirak and valiant resistance are determined to continue the struggle and are able to liberate their land from occupation and the militia al-Huthi and Saleh and counter Iran's expansion and all the forces of terror and violence, chaos and extremism, sject to resources and support required, and people of the South will always be an active partner of Decisive Storm and Return of Hope anywhere if asked to do so .

12.  Council underlines the importance of the care of the families of the martyrs and take care of them and treat all of the wounded, who were indicating a victory for the Liberation of some provinces of the south of the militias and in favor of al-Huthi, and a real partner to support the countries of the Alliance of Decisive and legitimate storm ..

Long live the proud People of the south

Glory to the martyrs ..

May god healed and grant a swift recovery to the wounded ..

May our prisoners be released

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