Bulletin South Yemen Counter Terrorism issue 6

12th December

Aden police Counter Terrorism Unit dismantled explosives found packed in a car in Mualla after being alerted by citizens.

9th December

Hadrami Elite forces dismantled an IED in Fuwa west of Mukalla, Hadramout found planted at May 22 roundabout near Al-Minassa square.

5th December

Aden Counter Terrorism Forces captured 8 members of an ISIS assassination cell in possession of handguns with suppressors

Hadramout elite forces carryout sting operation capturing 6 terrorists & seizing 5 tons of explosives

Hadrami Elite forces clashed with and arrested several AQAP militants during a raid of a home used for IEDs in Al-Shihr Hadramout. 

Lahj security forces carried out a raid in Al-Houta arresting several militants; an ambush following the raid killed a soldier. 

1st December

Aden Counter Terrorism Unit seize stockpiles of explosives including C4, used by #Yemen fanatics to assemble VBIED targeting South Yemen 

30th November

US drone strike targeted a vehicle in Al-Abr district Hadramout killing three AQAP militants including leadership. #Yemen

29th November

Aden Police Counter-Terrorism Unit raided a farm in the Lahj / Aden border area seizing a cache of explosives. 

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